Please Don’t Forget Us: The Stories You Don’t Hear About Autism

Thought Catalog

Today is Autism Awareness day. Your newsfeeds will most likely be filled with stories and statistics and graphics, but it won’t become real to you, because you can’t see into our lives and feel what it’s really like to live with an autistic child. This is our story, for you to read and imagine living this way and for a few minutes, put everything else aside and think about every person affected by autism and what you can do to help. Because you can, even if it’s something as small as a smile in the grocery store when our child is having a meltdown and we are on the verge of one ourselves. That smile makes a difference, it takes away the power of all the judgment we receive every time we are in public, and it means something. Everyone can do something. I’m starting by sharing our story.

My husband…

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